Restaurant  in Poltava

Summer terrace of the restaurant Chateau Galerie

This is the summer terrace of the restaurant Chateau Galerie.

Here delicious food, nice music, impeccable service.

We are located in the center of Poltava. We are comfortable and safe.

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Black dumplings with shrimps

You have a unique opportunity to taste the original work of our Chef at home:
- "Black dumplings with shrimps" 0,5kg 180 UAH.
- "Greens with spinach and mushrooms" 0,5kg 125 UAH.
- Classic with meat 0,5kg 100 UAH.
Which will be delivered to you when you order!

Our complex focuses on the highest level of protection and security in the preparation and packaging of dishes.

We accept orders by phone:

Bread of own production

Restaurant Chateau Galerie offers bread of its own production.

Fresh and flavorful slices of our bread will complement any dish: Ukrainian borscht, juicy steak, diet salad.

Chateau Galerie Restaurant Bread is a natural eco-friendly product that should be on your table.

We accept orders by phone:

Restaurant Chateau Galerie

Chateau Galerie: delivery of dishes in Poltava

Make a holiday for yourself, and Chateau Galerie will help!

We will create a personalized holiday menu.
We will help you decide on the dishes and the number of servings - taking into account the party format and budget.
We prepare meals before the holiday to keep them fresh and at the right temperature.
We will deliver the food home.

We take away the hassle and fulfill your dreams.

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Chateau Galerie: quarantine in Poltava and home delivery

The Chateau Galerie restaurant has temporarily restricted its operation. We can't accept guests at the facility now, BUT we continue to work in home delivery mode.

We also took care of the security measures in the restaurant: disinfection, quartz, personal protective equipment.

Chateau Galerie restaurant delivery is convenient and safe.

We accept orders by phone:

Chateau Galerie: home delivery in Poltava

Chateau Galerie Restaurant Offers Vitamin Set Anti-Virus.

Here's everything you need: garlic, onion, lemon, pepper, ginger.

Order home:

Restaurant  «Chateau Galerie»

OPEN «Chateau Galerie» FOR YOURSELF

Dear guest, take a look at the interesting romantic history of creating a corner of France in the center of Poltava.

More than 100 unique dishes

In the center of Poltava, this is the corner of France, whose visitors appreciate delicious food, good service, romantic atmosphere and stylish comfort. «Chateau Galerie» is an ideal place for family holidays, leisure with friends, and for weddings, anniversaries, corporate parties, business meetings and conferences.

Our dear guest is one who loves delicious food and appreciates a warm atmosphere.

Our partners are those with whom we build lasting business and friendly mutually beneficial relations. Qualitative events, non-standard and flexible approaches to business cooperation are steadily attracting partners, who eventually become friends.
Our team is the best specialists that we highly value and encourage to continuous professional development. To work in our team is prestigious.

Restaurant «Chateau Galerie»

It functions VIP restaurant area. Need to meet the guests, business breakfast, conference for 8-30 people? This zone of our restaurant corresponds to your desire!

Restaurant  «Chateau Galerie»

Big hall of the restaurant

Restaurant «Chateau Galerie» is located in the heart of the city and is part of the hotel and restaurant complex «Reikartz Gallery Poltava». Depending on your wishes, we can offer both a wedding ornament in the restaurant's room, and a thematic design of the wedding in the nature. In addition, we have original wedding decorations, modern materials and tools that enable our designers to create in any stylistic directions, and offers you endless spaces for creativity and imagination. The banquet hall is designed for 65 guests. The restaurant is open since 07:00 till 22:00.

Art Hall of the restaurant Chateau Galerie

Art Hall of the restaurant

Art Hall of the restaurant «Chateau Galerie» for 35 people is created in the style of "Loft", where the works of Poltava artist Yulia Bala (Storozhova) are presented. This hall is distinguished by its ability to create a special feeling of comfort and cosiness for guests. By visiting the Art Hall of the restaurant, you can enjoy not only conversations, but also taste truly delicious diverse dishes and drinks in a warm atmosphere of cosiness and artistic mood.

Restaurant  «Chateau Galerie»

Open air service

Marriage ceremony on the nature from the «Chateau Galerie» is a great option for couples who want to make their wedding so that unforgettable experiences and memories are left for many years for future spouses and guests. Your registration script will be written for you! Registration will take place in a convenient place for you, at a convenient time! We share with you the joy in connection with the upcoming Triumph and will be happy to help in the realization of your dreams! The best hotel room with a 50% discount for newlyweds from the establishment during a wedding ceremony at our restaurant. Open-air events, outdoors ceremonies are held on the summer terrace of a restaurant area of 250 square meters.

Our team is the best specialists

Restaurant «Chateau Galerie» highly appreciates his experts and encourages them to continue their professional development. To work in our team is prestigious.
Our mission is to develop a restaurant culture, giving the best traditions of European cuisine to all who value cosiness and style!

Julia Ischeykina

Julia Ischeykina


Katya Fedyi

Katya Fedyi


Olena Vasulenko

Olena Vasulenko


The «Chateau Galerie» team

The «Chateau Galerie» team learned professionalism from the best restaurateurs not only in Ukraine but also in Europe.

We are always glad if you decide to just spend the evening in pleasant thoughts, with a glass of good wine, while dining with wonderful dishes of French origin, but with the Ukrainian soul of our charming chief - Kateryna Fedyi!

The  «Chateau Galerie» team

SEO Julia Alekseevna and the director Olena Aleksandrivna represent their team.

The Chateau Galerie team is, firstly, a team of professionals who is training once a month, so the needs of our restaurant guest are met in the best possible way. Secondly, we are all trying to make our guest's stay in the restaurant comfortable, warm, cozy.

We highly value our specialists, and we invite all guests to our restaurant «Chateau Galerie».

Specialists of the restaurant  «Chateau Galerie»

Food delivery in Poltava

The Chateau Galerie Restaurant offers home-cooked meals. The menu includes salads, first and main courses, desserts.

A nice bonus to your order is the mask. Yes, there is a shortage of medication defenses right now, but we'll take care of your safety.

We accept orders by phone:

Dearest our guests, we are waiting for you at the «Chateau Gallerie» restaurant to make you a delicious menu from our Brand Chef - Kateryna Fedyi!

Restaurant «Chateau Galerie» menu blocks

The restaurant menu consists of four large blocks: the main menu, the network buffet menu, the network coffee breaks, the complex lunch / dinner

Restaurant  «Chateau Galerie»

Main menu

Cold, hot appetizers, salads, first and second dishes, side dishes, flour products, sauces, branded drinks, beer

Nicoise Salad

Network buffet menu

Canapés, tartlets, skewers, cold snacks, ham, sausage, cheese, hot snacks, flour products, fruits

Restaurant  «Chateau Galerie»

Сoffee breaks

Pies, coffee, milk, tea, granola, baguette, juice, water, canapé, spatula, cupcake, compote, uvar, cake, cookies, candies

Ukrainian borsch

Complete lunch / dinner

Salad, soup, broth, beef strogan, cutlet, liver, potatoes, spaghetti, rice, porridge, pancakes, borsch, pilaf, goulash

Buffet Breakfasts

Dear our guests!
We invite you every day for breakfast to our Chateau Galerie restaurant.
From Monday to Friday, we are happy to serve you delicious food on the Swedish line.
Our doors are open from 7:00 am to 10:00 on weekdays and from 8:00 to 11:00 on weekends.


Baked bacon, fermented milk cheese, olive oil, sour cream, mustard, jam, mayonnaise, ketchup, boiled egg, granola with yogurt, fresh cucumber, tomato, butter, apple vinegar

It is useful

СBoiled sausages, blanched vegetables, classic omelet, egg, rice with vegetables, pancakes, casserole rape, tea, coffee, hot milk, lemon, chocolate cookies


Buckwheat, croissants, apples baked with honey, tomato juice, kefir, milk, exotic juice, water with lemon, muesli, flax seed, hard cheese, meat roll, dessert, pumpkin baked with apples

Breakfasts at Chateau Gallerie Restaurant

We support the image of the best restaurant

Restaurant «Chateau Galerie» can be considered one of the best establishments in the city.
Our mission is to develop a restaurant culture, giving the best traditions of European cuisine to all who value cosiness and style!

System approach

Since the birth of the idea of creating a corner of France in the city of Poltava, the long process of its implementation in reality and to this day we have tried to operate in a wide range - from the analysis of trends in the field of restaurant business, the design of institutions of this type, placement in the city, logistics, marketing, management and, most importantly, to create a creative team of specialists: chefs, cooks, waiters, bartenders, managers.

You can order the dish that are not in the menu (for example, dumplings ... with bran ), it is only necessary to coordinate the order with the administrator. VIP-service includes a separate restroom, two independent entrances to the hall, a partition. The company will be able to feel absolutely calm without foreign eyes.

Our institution takes an active part in solving urgent social issues: the restaurant «Chateau Galerie» supported the Easter charity action from «A. T. Kukoba's Fund for protection and support of talented children» - organized for children from the boarding school number 2 master-class for pizza and treated the festive dinner of small visitors.





Ability to be alone


Underground parking




10 FAQ

We strictly adhere to all recommendations of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and WHO concerning personnel, equipment of the food block, storage and processing of products:
- we make purchases only on the Metro network;
- check employees for temperature;
- quartz premises and kitchen every 15 minutes;
- work in masks, goggles, use disinfectant solutions;
- no more than three people work at a distance of 3 meters from each other;
- do not release dishes that have not undergone heat treatment for at least 20 minutes;
- offer quality cuisine of organic products and cook all the food only on purified water.

You can order something that is not in the menu. If a person came and did not see in the menu his favorite dish (for example, dumplings ... with bran), then you can coordinate orders with the administrator. Also VIP-service includes a separate restroom, two independent entrances to the hall, a partition. The company will be able to feel absolutely calm without foreign eyes.

The menu features traditional European and Ukrainian dishes. Restaurant specialties - beef antrecote, salmon with steam vegetables, turkey with «Dor Blue» sauce, mushroom cream soup with garlic croutons.

Yes, it is. The cost of 1 hour rental of hall "Provence" is 700 UAH and "Art Hall" as well.

The spacious banquet hall and art hall, as well as the summer terrace, are available.

The main menu, banquet menu, the network buffet menu, the network coffee breaks, complete lunches / dinners, a map of wines.

Our pricing policy is democratic, therefore, it encourages regular family rest. We want to convey to our guests the idea that a restaurant is very tasty and affordable.

The restaurant regularly holds promotions, thus encouraging to visit our institution for students, retirees. The range of promotions is varied - from the promotional menu, discounts on accommodation for wedding couples, to discounts on restaurant services for the birthday.

Exactly. That's why we started - traditionally for this hall - an exhibition of paintings. Now the works of Yulia Bala, our favorite artist, are exhibited. Her "handwriting" organically fit into the interior. The restaurant is also open to other artists and is waiting for their works. It should be borne in mind that now the technical requirements and the desired size of canvases have been added.

Restaurant «Chateau Galerie» invites guests on a holiday of the young wine «Beaujolais nouveau», which takes place in November of each year.

Chateau Galerie: Updated Spring Menu

Chateau Galerie Restaurant Launches Updated Spring Menu.

Try spring to taste!


Thanks for a chic evening at your restaurant! The new hall is very beautiful! Online! There was not enough in Poltava something !!! Tuna salad surpassed my expectations! I recommend !!! ...
These reviews of the restaurant «Chateau Galerie» leave our guests.

Oksana Kirpa

My first acquaintance with Chateau Galerie was at Business Networks. This day I managed to look at the interior of no one hall and try different kinds of snacks. Also, it was very pleasantly surprised to see the administrator Olen Vasilenko, from which you can always discuss and agree. Now this place has become one of the favorite, especially the summer terrace, which is associated with special memories.

Oksana Kirpa
Natalka Tyutyunnik

Very warm atmosphere, polite and competent staff, modern sophisticated design, beautiful room, delicious dishes - everything is great! Thanks!

Natalka Tyutyunnik
Denys Ovcharenko

A great place to spend your weekend break. Glad to have a variety of activities. Always fun! Friendly staff and a good selection of dishes !!!

Denys Ovcharenko
Katharina Smal-Shlyapkina

We would like to express our gratitude for the help in arranging and conducting wedding of restaurant staff. As for the wedding day itself, everything was also at a high level: served fast and easy, all the guests constantly filled glasses according to their preferences. As for food, there were also no questions - as promised - everything was dude-in-the-way tasty and there was plenty of it (the only advice - listen to the administrator, if she says that enough food, it means that she is more visible) . Also pleasantly surprised was the fact that immediately before the wedding, the staff was cleaning the entire summer terrace. Based on the above said - the institution RECOMMENDS !!!

Katharina Smal-Shlyapkina

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